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Transaction Data for Topline Metrics

Why Earnest
Nearly 90% accuracy anticipating 450+ revenue surprises to date.*

Proprietary Methodologies:
Showing consumers' full wallet; including
credit, debit and store card activity. ​​​

Domain Expertise:
Access to our team of Data Analysts,
each with expertise in a given sector,  

helping clients translate inflections in the data into real world outcomes.

*Combined accuracy for high conviction and conviction callouts as of 06/01/2019
Clients Use Earnest Data For:
What Our Customers Are Saying
Position Sizing
“Data supported names have higher hit rates, lower blow up rates, and because you can track in real time,
if things are not playing out, we can see it as early as possible.”
“Earnest adds a lot more value than just the data. They actually have analysts keeping track of what might be skewing the data – it’s not just the numbers, it’s the context.”
KPI Tracking
“Instead of reading newspapers, thinking big pie-in-the-sky ideas, we are tracking data first. Instead of being theoretical about it and chasing ideas, we see the data and go explore. Very efficient.”
Idea Generation
Near real-time insight into the performance 
of consumer companies and concepts. 

Tracking sales, customer acquisition, transactions, average ticket and subscriber growth across hundreds of companies.